Welcome to The Earth Temple's Liberation Mystery School

The Earth Temple's Liberation Mystery School • Safety, Freedom, Inclusivity & Play for ALL ~

Why You Should Join Us

Together we will learn to truly live as a lighthouse of LIBERATION through the art of sharing our message.

VideoAs the world is heating up with the POLYCRISIS - climate catastrophes, genocides, suicides, homicides, generational trauma & the need for inner healing & WORLD ACTION... this is a spiritual community DEDICATED to being our bodies (sensuality) showing UP for social justice (because we know, all beings are ONE being & our Mother Earth is ALIVE) & silliness... because what is a revolution without art, fun, play & dancing?!?!?

A Big Thanks

We are so grateful to be on this living journey with you. 

We are learning to be the Polyresponse to this current Polycrisis.  

Let's Go Liberation Oracle!